What Is The True Cost Of Solar?

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A recent press release from BusinessWire has cracked the case on why so many Americans are unusually–and unnecessarily–scared of solar panels and the idea of installing anything solar on their homes. According to BusinessWire, it seems that Americans are grossly overestimating the cost of rooftop solar panels, and all kinds of other solar equipment. We’re not really sure why this is happening, but it’s probably safe to say that there are a couple of factors at work. But take a look at this statistic:

“While only 3% accurately understand that installing solar can cost less than $1,000 upfront, 4 out of 10 U.S. Adults (40%) think it requires $20,000 or more in upfront costs, grossly overestimating the true cost of installing home solar.”

WHOA! What the heck is going on out there! Here’s the real deal: Solar installations on most homes are very reasonably priced due to the falling cost of solar panels in general, across the entire industry. And to boot, solar tax credits and rebates on both the federal and state levels dramatically reduce the out of pocket cost to everyday consumers and homeowners, dropping the cost to a mere fraction of what it might have been without such government initiatives.

If you are among the three percent of people who understand the true, low cost of solar installations, please enlighten your friends and family. If you are still uncertain about how the cost “really is this low,” please give Adair Solar is a call today so one of our highly experienced solar representatives can come to your home free of charge and explain exactly how much you’d be spending for rooftop solar panels.

There’s nothing in this world like really understanding something from the inside out. Our fear is that so many Americans think they do understand the real cost of solar, when in fact the actual cost is light years lower than what they think most of the time.

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