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  • Mar 17

    solar install PhoenixThis is a fair question, and one that we hear a lot. Many people have heard all kinds of stories that represent everything from to good to be true to baseless rumors about solar energy and how it’s not really an energy source—how funny! The truth about a quality solar installation in Phoenix is that it will save you a tremendous amount of money. Exactly how much will depend on you, your home, and what kind of solar installation package you decide on.

    For those who choose a full solar install, complete with rooftop solar panels in Phoenix, as well as a solar water heater, and a radiant barrier insulation (and a recommended a/c preventative maintenance package) the lowered cost of your utilities bills will have you rubbing your eyes to ensure what you’re seeing on your bill is accurate! Some of our residents have reported utilities bills as low as the single digits!

    We hope to provide Arizona residents with the kind of cutting edge solar energy technology that will allow them to actually feed energy back into the grid someday soon. Unfortunately, the utilities companies will have to catch up to the solar technology in order for that to happen, and the electricity grid will have to work in both directions in Phoenix. In places where the grid is set up this way (some call it the “Smart Grid”) homeowners with solar panels who generate more energy than they use can actually get money back from utilities companies at the end of the month! These are called “deep green homes.”

    Adair Solar Company in Mesa does offer a tremendous new solar technology to you that shows how close we are to getting to the deep green point in Arizona. With Echo PV panels, your rooftop literally becomes an energy source that creates enormous potential to power your home. If you want to hear more about how Echo PV works, call today to schedule an appointment with an experienced solar technician at (480) 827-1162.

    Until then, don’t forget that the solar rebates and tax credits available to Arizonans now for rooftop solar panels and solar water heaters in Phoenix is incredible. Start saving money with a solar install in Phoenix before it gets hot and you start paying more! :)

  • Jan 26
    solar tax credits and rebates in Arizona

    Save $$ this summer with a solar install now!

    Well, more great solar energy news for the great state of Arizona folks! In an effort to jump start even more interest in solar power for residential homeowners, Phoenix-area utilities companies APS and SRP have started to incentivize their programs to make installing solar panels in Phoenix more financially attractive.

    APS now offers a 75-cent per watt rebate on most solar panel systems and rooftop solar panels in Phoenix, and SRP is currently offering $1 per watt, decreasing the overall cost of your initial install by thousands of dollars.

    But don’t forget about the federal tax credits for solar installations in Arizona too–some of which offer up to 30 percent off the initial cost for solar equipment in Phoenix and beyond. Lastly, the state of Arizona currently offers a state solar tax credit of up to $1,000 for homeowners taking the leap to save energy, lower pollution, and lower the cost of living. With these kinds of solar tax rebates and credits available to you on the state, federal, and utility provider levels, the cost of your Phoenix solar install just dropped faster than a lead balloon!

    If you have lived in Phoenix long enough to experience one of our lovely summers, then you’ve also had the pleasure of opening up your monthly APS or SRP statement. Just before you passed out and hit your head on the nice, hot tile floor in your house, you wondered, “Is there a better way? There must be a way to cool this house more cheaply!”

    There is, and that’s exactly where Adair Solar Company in Mesa comes in. Our highly knowledgeable solar technicians will visit your home at no cost to you and let you know what your Phoenix solar installation options are. In addition, they will inform you of which solar tax credits and rebates you can successfully apply for and those on the state and federal level that you are eligible for.

    It’s that easy! So while it seems wonderful and fresh outside on this late January day, think about what it will feel like on a late July day in six months. And then try not to pass out when you remember how much you paid to keep your desert home cooled last year!

    Call us today to get started on your FREE in-home consultation: (480) 827-1162. Enjoy the winter while it lasts!

  • Jan 12

    ASU Polytechnic solar project in Mesa

    ASU Polytechnic

    [[Call today for your free in-home consultation for a solar installation from Adair Solar Company in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, and beyond by calling (480) 827-1162.]]

    The ASU campus offshoot here in Mesa, AZ known as ASU Polytechnic will be adding to its already revered name with a solar panel project in support with SRP (Salt River Project, a local utility company, for those of you not in the area.)

    According to MarketWatch, “The ASU solar plant will be the third commercial-scale solar facility in the Valley of the Sun to provide energy for SRP. Recently, SRP reached an agreement to purchase the output of a 19-megawatt solar photovoltaic plant in Queen Creek. Copper Crossing – a 20-megawatt facility located in Pinal County and designed and built by SunPower – began providing energy for SRP’s Community Solar program last year. More than 100 schools in 11 Valley school districts are tapping into the power of the sun from that plant to offset a portion of their electric needs through the program. Community Solar is also open to residential customers, allowing customers to invest in solar energy without the upfront costs or maintenance of a rooftop system.

    The SRP board of directors has set a goal to meet 20 percent of SRP’s retail electricity requirements through sustainable resources by the year 2020. The goal increases each year until 2020. For the most recent fiscal year, SRP exceeded the 5 percent goal, providing about 9 percent of retail energy needs with sustainable resources including wind, solar and geothermal energy, hydro power and conservation and energy-efficiency measures.”

    As a local solar company, Adair Solar Company in Mesa supports this effort, and as we always say, it’s this kind of larger scale commercial and government investment in solar energy in Arizona that sparks consumer interest and makes homeowners open their eyes about the possibilities for solar in their own homes. No amount of advertising is worth what this kind of large-scale activity in the solar world is worth. It’s “world of mouth” that makes the difference here, and we urge all Phoenix homeowners to take their cue from this kind of news. The monthly savings for homeowners who have solar panels in Phoenix is simply remarkable.

    We invite you to join us and find out about your Phoenix solar tax credits and rebates today! Call us today for a FREE in-home consultation at (480) 827-1162.

  • Dec 20

    solar panel company in PhoenixYou may never have heard of solar Christmas lights, but many houses across the nation are donning them this year. Many homeowners who have discovered the benefits of solar panels in Phoenix have been turned on to this new way to light up their houses over the holidays, adding even more savings on their monthly utilities bills.

    Of course, we at Adair Solar Company in Phoenix would love to see you all go solar this holiday season, but if you’re not quite there yet, here’s a little suggestion that may help. Sign in online to your APS or SRP account and check out how much energy you used in December and January of 2010. If you used traditional outdoor Christmas lights last year, this year switch to solar powered holiday lights and wait until the January billing cycle is over. Dollars to donuts, the difference in your spending will be significant enough for you to notice.

    So, if something small like solar powered Christmas lights can make a difference of $20 or more in less than one billing cycle, just imagine what rooftop solar panels and a solar water heater in Phoenix could do for you. And if you’re concerned about the initial investment, fear not–our experienced solar technicians can explain exactly which state and federal tax credits and solar rebates in Arizona you qualify for.

    Of course, we wish you all a happy, bright holiday season, and we’ll be here bright and early in 2012 to get you started with your solar installations in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, and beyond! Call us anytime to set up your FREE in-home solar consultation in Phoenix metro area: (480) 827-1162

  • Sep 9
    Phoenix solar panels

    We <3 sunshine!

    Florence, Arizona has just become home to the state’s largest solar panel array! The proud parents of the array are the Salt River Project and its “EarthWise” community solar program, both based right here in the Valley of the Sun.

    The gorgeous new solar panel farm consists of enough photovoltaics to power up and sustain nearly four thousand valley homes, but for now the plans (certainly not smaller plans!) are to power more than one hundred schools across more than ten school districts. Certainly no small feat!

    The SRP solar array has been titled “Copper Crossing Solar Ranch,” and is home to 144 acres of butt-kickin’ photovoltaic solar panels that create upwards of twenty megawatts of straight up solar energy!

    These are the stories we love to hear about solar energy in Phoenix and beyond. It truly warms our hearts after being in the industry for 35 years right here in Mesa, AZ when we hear true success stories about solar panels being utilized in such a widespread manner. We look forward to the day that solar energy is the mainstay and not the alternative… anywhere!

    If you’re ready to get into your solar groove, let us know. We install everything from solar panels to solar water heaters in Phoenix and more. We also offer radiant barrier insulation AND preventative air conditioning maintenance in Mesa and beyond! Call us today at (480) 827-1162. Here’s to a bright future! :)

  • Aug 13
    solar incentives in Arizona

    Would you vote for this?

    According to an August 11th Earth Teching article, “Solar advocates want to get Arizona voters to decide that state should create new incentives for solar power installations. The Arizona Solar Power Society (ASPS) just submitted the initiative to the Arizona secretary of state. Now the group says it needs to raise $1.2 million in order to collect the more than 170,000 signatures it needs over the next year to place the initiative on the 2012 ballot.”

    So what does this mean for you as an Arizona energy consumer and/or home owner? Well, you may likely be able to vote for a new solar incentive that would make it possible for energy consumers to release their solar energy credits back to the state of Arizona. What the heck does that mean? It means that by giving your solar energy credits to your state you would then enable Arizona to locate buyers like SRP and APS and others so that they can lessen the effects of the overall Arizona carbon footprint (by way of balancing out the carbon emissions we create here in the Valley of the Sun and other regions of the state.)

    In order to get this solar incentive onto ballots where you can vote for it, nearly 200,000 of your signatures will be required (as Earth Teching mentions.) So are you for or against such a proposition? To find out more about what it means in more detail, check out the ASPS press release that discusses the amount of wattage that solar arrays generate and more. Click here for the link.

    Adair Solar Company in Mesa wants to hear your thoughts on this proposed action and find out if you think this is a good idea and a square deal for Arizonans! Give us a call when you’re ready to install your rooftop solar panels or get radiant barrier insulation installed during the hottest month of the year! (480) 827-1162.

  • Jun 30
    solar panels in summer

    Take the solar plunge!

    Well, we blogged once before several months ago about whether or not solar panels and/or solar water heaters freeze in the winter, or have a lower efficiency level. We uncovered this as a myth, not a fact or anywhere close to a fact :)

    So many people wonder whether or not the opposite is true during the hot, hot summer months. Do solar panels in Phoenix work better in the summertime? Well, not really. One thing you might compare it to is this: When you use APS or SRP as your energy provider, you have the option to level out what you pay each month. For example, when it’s extremely hot outside, your a/c can cause your bill to skyrocket, while during the cooler months your bills are lower. For this reason, energy providers give you the option to average out your 12-month cycle so you pay around the same amount every month regardless of season or weather variables.

    A solar panel installation in Phoenix works relatively the same for homeowners–because even when it’s cooler outside the sun is generally still shining, and even when there is heavy cloud coverage, the sun shines through to rooftops and photovoltaic cells in Phoenix are still able to strongly harness that energy.

    So, all that said, if you were using cold or hot weather as an excuse to not invest in solar panels or a solar water heater in Phoenix, the jig is up! You’re all out of excuses, especially when you consider that Adair Solar Company in Phoenix offers amazing package deals on complete solar systems, including radiant barrier insulation AND preventative air conditioning maintenance, as well as K-VAR to lower your monthly energy use.

    If you’re ready to take advantage of some amazing solar tax credits and solar tax rebates, call Adair Solar Company in Phoenix for your free in-home consultation. We’ll show you how saving can be relieving–watching your monthly electricity bill go down is actually at least as fun as a good game of Twister!

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