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  • Jan Brewer: Arizona will be Leader in Solar Power & Technology

    Jan 31

    Speaking at a summit for renewables earlier today, Jan Brewer noted that Arizona would be the leading provider of solar energy in the United States. “I believe Arizona is the destination in the nation for solar companies to locate and expand,” Brewer stated.

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    While no goal date has been expressed by Brewer as of yet, her intentions of making this goal happen are clear — she plans to make Arizona THE destination spot for solar energy companies.

    This makes sense for a number of obvious reasons :) chief among these is that it would be very hard to over-saturate the Phoenix or Tucson markets with “too many” solar energy companies in Phoenix.

    Brewer and various other representatives and solar energy companies in Arizona noted that creating more solar panels and harnessing more of the sun’s energy to create a power surplus all across the state will engender more of an interest in other types of renewable energy in Arizona.

    We at Adair Solar energy company are 100% in support of this goal and will provide everything we can to help consumers and small businesses in the Phoenix Metro Area be a part of this powerful transition toward creating, harnessing, and using more renewable energy.

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